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Since 1998, developing projects in Brazil

Since 1998 on the market , Herjacktech is a project management company. We work with consultancy, supervision, management of installing and maintenance of works, acting, in the public sector and private sector.

The provided services involves coordinating engineering specialties in segments, such as: housing, telecommunications, land transport, maritime and air transport, environment, infrastructure, trade and industry.

The workforce includes masters, skilled engineers, social workers, sociologists, administrators and architects, with extensive experience in projects of high complexity that requires agility and capacity. The diversity of professionals enables us to quick find solutions that are specific to each area.

The Herjacktech believes that excellence in service is its main difference; therefore, aligns its methodology and management techniques with the major quality certifications available: IQNet - The International Certification Network, Vanzolini Foundation: Certificate of Quality and Certification NBR.

To be recognized as a center of excellence in management of enterprises and projects, nationwide.

Increase efficiency and reduce the time and cost of projects.

Creativity, innovation, sustainability and agility.

Latest Performed Services

• GSM deployment management for NokiaSiemens S / A;
• GSM deployment management for Alcatel Telecom S / A;
• Housing construction management for CDHU - SP.
• Management and technical supervision of specialized reports and environmental reports to FIA ​​(Fundação Instituto de Administração);
• Management of housing contracts, transport constracts and environment contracts for the Engineering and Services Herjack Ltd.;
• Maintenance Management of civil infrastructure for the Telemar/OI telecommunications systems;
• Deployment management of civil infrastructure by TWS do Brasil Ltda for customers: Vesper and Telemar.

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