Herjacktech Gerenciamento de processos em obras


In the area of ​​housing, the management of the project is the key to meeting the deadlines required by agencies and constructors. The monitoring of all stages of execution allows achieving outstanding quality standards. It is also promotes the anticipation of delivery time, ensuring that the procedures fall within the technical standards required. A large project, when properly managed, will reduce the cost, and quickly get the permits from the environmental bodies.
The herjacktech works in the following areas of housing:
- Researches to confirm the diagnosis of the current situation of irregular and precarious housing (slums);
- Technical and administrative support in building, utilizing the service contract system or task force;
- Consulting service for better utilization of available resources, and the delivery of the project on time;
- Licensing and land tenure;
- Creation of social projects for approval of the housing public organs;
- Monitoring of post-occupation.